How Chakras Are The Software Of The Body

How Chakras Are The Software Of The Body

Although difficult to briefly describe, most often, a chakra is described as a spinning vortex of activity created by the presence of consciousness within the subtle or energetic body. The subtle body is the hidden field of energy that carries your urges, emotions and habits as well as the imprints of all that has happened to you all your memories all that you know and learned. A computer can not do a thing without a software program, information is programed in and the computer runs the software, the computer can not do more than the software allows. Either more information must be programed in or the software has to be de-bugged, that means the software has problems and the software has to me looked at to see if a line of code in the software need to be fix or re-programed like when Apple updates  iPhone software to add features or fix bugs in the software. The chakras are your software of the body is that organizes various elements of your life force as it travels through you. They take energy in from the outside, process it internally and express it back out again.

Why is it helpful to learn about Chakra?

Self Awareness. Learning about the chakras gives you access to your programmed responses so you can minimize their negative effects and maximize the positive. Ever tried something new and had butterflies in your belly? Tried to speak up and had a lump in your throat? Felt your heart jump for joy or fall into fear? These feelings can all be viewed through the lens of the chakra system to learn more about how we receive, assimilate and express information and various life experiences.

How are Chakra organized?

Again, it’s a complex philosophical system so analogies help to capture the concept. You can think of the chakras as software programs installed into our hardware that influence the flow of life force. We each have several programs installed: a survival program with our morals and preferences; a relationship program that tells us how to relate the others; a language program to express ourselves as well as an immense body of data acquired over years. And we all have ‘bugs’ in our programs, for example, lack of imagination, trouble concentrating, struggle with finances, chronic health problems or emotional turmoil. We can make changes in our thinking by examining our programming. Each chakra helps us to peer at a specific piece of our multi-dimensional existence. Once you understand the concept of the chakras and what they are then you can open your chakras and balance them and de-bug your software.

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