How To Get Over  A Breakup With Sage Smudging

How To Get Over A Breakup With Sage Smudging

A breakup is one of the most difficult things that a person will experience in their lifetime. Even after much time has gone by, it can be challenging to get over a breakup. This blog post will discuss how to use metaphysical practices like sage smudging to heal from and move on from a break up.

In our day-to-day lives, most people are surrounded by metaphysical energy - which can also be known as love. When we are in a relationship, the metaphysical energy is usually high and positive because both partners feel loved by each other. However, when a break up occurs, it can affect people around them who will be subjected to negative emotions that flow through someone going through the emotional pain of breaking up with their partner. This metaphysical energy needs to be cleared out because the metaphysical energy will continue to flow from that person.

- love in a relationship is usually high and positive but that changes with break ups because you are no longer getting the same frequency of love from your partner

- when negative emotions flow through someone, it will affect people around them. When there's an imbalance in our energy field, it can bring us down or make us feel angry, frustrated and fed up

- when a person is going through a break up they need to get rid of the negative energy because it will continue flowing from them.

This metaphysical healing technique can help you with your breakup by getting rid of any negativity that may be lingering in your surroundings. When we are going through hard times or have difficult emotions, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible. This will help you heal from the emotional pain and feelings that are still lingering around inside your heart.

The first thing to do is find a good time and place. You will need enough space for comfort, so pick an area that you can feel safe and open in. It's best to have someplace quiet where you won't be interrupted by other people or things going on around you. As well as somewhere with natural light where the sun can be seen.

- Begin by lighting a sage stick on fire _______ (ex: hold in right hand, let smoke cover body)

-The next step is to say a prayer, asking for healing and guidance from the Divine or your higher power

-You can offer gratitude in advance for what you hope will come as well as any other requests that are important to you on this metaphysical journey. It's also good practice to smudge yourself with sage before starting a metaphysical journey. 

- With each inhale, say aloud any negative thoughts or feelings you may be experiencing.

- As the smoke envelopes your body, it will clear any metaphysical energy that may have been lingering around and bring peace to your surroundings _______ (ex: room)

You can use the smoke from sage to clear away negative energy and thoughts, as well as encourage positive feelings of love, peace, and self-healing through metaphysical means. It's important to take your time with this process so that you are fully absorbing all the benefits for a long period of time. You'll need to have a good supply of sage in the area where you're smudging to ensure that it can be continuously lit.

- After you complete this process, allow yourself a moment for self healing by focusing on something positive in your life. You can repeat this process as many times as you need to until your metaphysical energy field is balanced.

You will need to burn through about four inches or so of sage at a time before picking up more, which is usually enough for most metaphysical practices. Typically, sage should be burned until there's no smoke left and then the ashes should be placed in the earth.

The metaphysical journey of healing from a breakup is an individualized one that everyone will experience differently, but sage smudging can be used as a means for grounding oneself while exploring what their higher self might have to offer and how they want to heal.

If you need any help with sage smudge sticks or any metaphysical questions locate a knowledgable Metaphysical Store or Crystal shop and speak with them.

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