The Third Eye Chakra: What It Is and Symptoms of a Blocked One

The Third Eye Chakra: What It Is and Symptoms of a Blocked One

Many people are unaware of the different chakras that exist in our body. The third eye chakra is an important one because it deals with intuition, imagination and creativity. This chakra is also known as your "sixth sense." If you want to learn more about this chakra and how to know when it's blocked make sure you read on!


What is the Third Eye Chakra?

It's located at the center of your forehead where there would be a thin line if not for hair covering it up. They say that we use only ten percent of our brains so some believe that this area does deal with psychic abilities or extrasensory perception.

What are the symptoms of a blocked Third Eye Chakra?

The most common symptom is excessive daydreaming or not being able to think outside yourself and your current situation, feeling like everything you do has been done before, difficulty in solving difficult problems, lacking creativity for art projects and needing help with creative tasks such as designing an outfit from scratch without looking at any other outfits on pinterest first.

How can this chakra be unblocked?

Find crystals that correspond with the third eye chakra here! Contact crystals absorb negativity so if your crystal feels heavy it's because it is absorbing all of the negative energy around you which should start making you feel better soon after wearing it. If a crystal isn't your thing, you can also try crystals and gemstones that correspond with the third eye chakra here. They work in a similar way by absorbing negativity from your environment but they're more subtle about it!

The crystals that correspond with the Third eye chakra are Amethyst, Aquamarine and Labradorite.

- To unblock your third eye chakra you can hold a stone in each hand (preferably one for stability) while meditating or keep them on your desk to help clear out negative thoughts before they enter your head.

- You can also put crystals around your area such as underneath pillows or near electronics so it doesn't get too overloaded by stress!

- If you're working through some tough emotions try using crystals like Rose Quartz which is known for its ability to heal emotional wounds and balance moods. It's also just an all around gorgeous pink color!





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