What Are Chakras ?

What Are Chakras ?

The word CHAKRA derives from an ancient Indo-European language of India called SAN-SKRIT. The word CHAKRA translates to “wheel or disk”.

Now another Sanskrit word is AYURVEDA, thousands of years before modern medicine provided scientific evidence for the mind-body connection, the Sages of India developed Ayurveda, which continues to be one of the world’s most sophisticated and powerful mind-body health systems.

Now with that all in mind in Ayurveda and In Yoga meditation the word Chakra (wheel or disk) this term refers to wheels of energy throughout the body. There are seven main Chakras starting from the base of the spine through to the crown of the head. These invisible wheels of energy keep us vibrant and healthy. Each of the seven main chakras contains bundles of nerves and major organs in the body as well as our psychological, emotional, and spiritual states of being. Now since everything is moving, it is so important,

Absolutely essential that our seven main chakras stay open, aligned, and fluid. If the is anything blocking, energy can not flow. 

 Here is a picture your bathtub, it has a drain. If you allow too much hair to go down the drain guess what happens? That’s right the the drain gets blocked and the bathtub will back up with water, stagnate and eventually bacteria and mold will grow. The same with our bodies and our chakras. The bathtub example I used is a simple fix, it’s a physical object so that’s easy..

keeping a chakra open is a bit more of a challenge, but can be accomplished and not so difficult when you understand and have awareness. Our mind, body, spirit, and soul are all interwoven and connected, understanding and being aware of an imbalance in one area or chakra will help bring the other chakras into balance. Here’s another example to picture, a wife, who has lost her husband recently, she develops bronchitis, which is in the chest, and then gets chest pains each times she coughs. The whole fourth main heart chakra (anahata) located at the heart center is the middle of the seven chakras and unites the lower chakras of matter and the upper chakras of spirit. If she realizes the connection between the loss and bronchitis, healing will occur so much faster if she honors the grieving process and treats that as well as the physical ailment.

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