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White Sage with Cinnamon

White Sage with Cinnamon

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What is White Sage with Cinnamon ?

For hundreds of years, White sage (Salvia Apiana) has been considered a sacred, purifying plant. Native Americans started the tradition of burning its dry bundled leaves, during their purification ceremonies and healing sessions, to cleanse a space or a person of all evil spirits or negative energies.

This White Sage and Cinnamon smudge stick has amazing attributes.  The Cinnamon is the polar opposite of White Sage and as a combination the fragrance is out of this world.The combination of white sage and cinnamon sticks has a soothing and purifying effect. Cinnamon is known for its warming effect, both on your body and on your mind. White sage is known for its cleansing effects and the power to expel negative energy. In addition, white sage is soothing and refreshing. Smudge Sticks are approx 4" and are priced per stick.

Benefits of Burning White Sage with Cinnamon 

  •  Can be used for protection
  • Can be used for love 
  • Can be used for healing
  • Can be used for prosperity
  • Can be used for spiritual awareness 


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